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"A manager should not only be evaluated on results, but also on his capability to lead his team and gain their respect"

Read more about Alessandro Ceschiat, General Manager Europe at SunEdison who shares with us his down-to-earth approach of management.




Using parenting skills in everyday management

“Being a good role model”, “Setting a good example”, “Growing together as a family”, “Linking core family values with business values”, “Introducing family dynamics into the workplace”.  Business speak is very similar to that which we use in the family environment.  Across any team there is a network of relationships, which is not dissimilar to that which exists between siblings



"Knowing who you are is key !"

Find out the interview of Selina Man Karlsson, Founder of Curious Courses. She shares with us how she left the corporate and built her own project.





"As a manager, I do not take anything for granted"

Find out the interview of Susanna Mineve, co-Founder and principles of Wordculture.





Manager's egos damaging their leadership abilities.

I would like to share this article by Ray Williams with you.  It’s an article which I have found particularly relevant in my line of work, and with which I agree on a number of points.  It explores the question of leadership with precision and clarity, and the reasons why, despite being a popular topic of conversation, conclusive results have yet to be seen.


Team Performence

How to make a team more efficient, productive and solid ? How to make a team present a united front ? Sport teams should know the answer for sure...



Burnout, does it really only happen to other people ?!
The signs are numerous and easy to spot: distancing oneself from work, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, continuing mental tiredness; insomnia, heightened irritability, inner worry, difficulty in concentrating and making decisions; decreased performance in the workplace....If you personally recognise more than half of these symptoms you could be at risk of burnout.  Looking out for the signs, and recognising them before breaking point, is key.  Leave it any longer and it becomes extremely difficult to stop it taking control.



Manager's soft skills

The question is raised by most of the HR professionals today. Being good at something or the expert of the field is no longer enough to lead a team. The seeking of value creation occurs at any level. More than ever, managers are asked to be efficient leaders and to drive their teams toward the objectives in an economic world under a high pressure, but not only.

Why doesn't he see things like I do?

Neuro linguistic programming, or NLP, includes different models and techniques to encourage self-development and improved communication between individuals.  It is an approach that is used by individuals and increasingly by businesses.  “The map is not the territory” is one of the fundamental concepts of NLP.  It gives rise to the notion that, whatever our perception of a situation, what is actually happening may, in fact, be very different. 



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