Team Coaching

In order to further enhance the agility, performance and alignment of your team or organisation members, you'd like to:

- Associate them to a new project, objective or vision;
- Reinforce co-working spirit, enpowerment and develop a collective intelligence;
- Address and solve frequent organisational and communications problems;
- Increase collective efficiency, performance and creativity;
- Establish a sustainable environment for well-being and for an authentic collaboration;

Team Executive Coaching is a powerful methodology to deal with some team issues and encourage each ones to take responsibility and actions.
It is designed for groups of any kind and of any size : sale teams, management board, project management teams...Team coaching is neither a training, nor tonsulting nor team building.

Coaches set up a methodology framework whereby team members interact, share openly and address their current topics and issues. As they do, coaches mirror their interactions so that team members can become more conscious of their collective patterns and beliefs. Then coaches encourage the team to listen to each other and to co-build new values, objectives and rules.
It is a mid-long term process, which consists into accompanying the team in different meetings and experiential times while providing feedbacks and debriefing.