Make Durable the family Business and pass it on to the Next Generations

You are the Family Business founder et you'd like to :
- Manage the company’s succession planning;
- Think about your retirement plan and deal peacefully with the transition.
- Manage conflicts and preserve family bonds

You are the "Next Generation" member and you'd like to :
- Make a decision about the business takeover
- Carve out your place within the gouvernance
- Develop your interpersonal relationships skills
- Boost your leadership and grow your ideas


You are the successor and you'd like to :

- Maximise the take over chance of success with the founder;

- Set up a your new leadership style;

- Efficiently ensure the take over of the business family and its team ;

"Conflicts within a family business are directly linked to unsolved conflicts between each family member in the initial family sphere. Everyone has its own place, role, labels hence potentially then conflits to deal with. The family business becomes a place where the family conflicts interaction comes into play repeatedly hence as a result, the conflits can hardly be solved. On the contrary they get worst to the point where it potentially leads to the collapsing of the company more especially during the transition period from one generation to the next one" Anne Juvanteny.

Lead and make a success of a family business is a genuine challenge which requires to make the right decision within three overlaping systems : the family, the business and the shareholders.

The guidance of a Coach, as an external professional can take place with one family business member or with the entire family. The role of the coach is to bring a framework, a structure and a methodology to highlight the relational patterns, repressed emotions and system beliefs underneath.
It  enables the members to verbalize frustrations and expectations, to be more conscious collectively of their interactions patterns, to focus on the stakes and the objectives so that they better manage to build up constructive and wise decisions for the future. 

It is therefore fundamental to provide an open and transparent communication space between family members. Passing on the torch to the next generation and enable them to be successfull is a hard challenge where not only facts and figures should be considered  but also self-exploration and emotional factors.


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