Céline Chatti




People Leader

& ICF PCC certified coach since 2013




«I believe that Change begins with oneself. Self-knowledge  and emotional intelligence are profound and powerful leverages for personal growth, professional efficiency and inner peace » . I put passion and the values of honesty, perseverance, authenticity and deontological ethics at the heart of my relationship with others. Not only for work purpose but always."



I started out and spent most of the first half of my professional life working for family-run SMEs and international companies, successively in sales, training, communications and marketing.

Living in Switzerland since 2008, I chose to fully commit myself to my passion for self-awareness and personal growth by creating EtapeTransition. After several years as a self-employed solo practitioner, I returned to the corporate world in 2022 to bring my coaching skills to a team of 20 engineers as People Manager.


I continue to support my corporate executive clients, teams and members of family businesses at key stages in their journey. Whether in professional development, recurring problems or intense crisis situations, we work to transform problem situations into opportunities for self-awareness and growth.