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You are a Family Business founder or Next Gen and you'd like to : manage the company’s succession planning; manage conflicts and preserve family bonds...


executive coaching

What do you still need to do more, better or differently to move to the next level, use your full potential and reach your goals while remaining who you are ?


In order to further enhance the agility, performance and alignment of your team or organisation members, you 'd like to: associate them to a new project, objective or vision; reinforce co-working spirit, enpowerment...


The Emotional Factor in a Family Business Succession

We reckon that in 2021, 70’000 to 80’000 SME will undergo a succession process, these numbers represent circa 20% of the small medium enterprises in Switzerland. Yet amongst this high percentage, only very few...


Interview of Susanne Mineve, Director of Worculture : "I am the co-founder and Principle of this school, which I set up with two colleagues and friends that share my passion for languages.  Our philosophy is...

Why do achievers hire a coach ?


"During this 4 months of leading the company in two key roles, my coach was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for strategic decision..."


Isa C-T

Director Pursuits, PWC

"A deep listening without jugement that makes you feel at ease  and enable to unlock your thoughts and feelings; Morevover, Céline has an amazing capacity to make her way through what you say and confront you to the trigger questions"

Nicolas S.

Director New Business D.

"Working with Céline enabled me to reach my professional goals thanks to her genuine guidance and open-eyes questions "

Jean-Pierre S.

Head Product Service Dvpt

"A sound professionnal who provides with a great service   quality. She has been able to make me feel confortable and she has been an inspiring person to me."

Christophe P.

IT Lead Business Analyst

"Dynamique, rigourous in the process, it has been a pleasure to go to attend my coaching sessions with Céline. I learn a lot about myself far beyond than what I would have imagined initially"

Mauricio C.

MD. Family Business

"She has made a great impact on me and through myself in our family business and enterprise family systems. Beyond her very professional approach , she has a unique ability to connect personally on a very deep level"