Sabine Puscian

Global Business Manager - Resource & Planning (PCBI) UBS


I can highly recommend EtapeTransition for their professional method of coaching and approach. They are determined, organised, passionate and reliable. Anyone who wishes to have some coaching sessions with them will find very good listeners who apply genuine empathy and ethical values throughout their time with you.

Ase Karin Elvebakk

Business Development Manager TomTom Traffic and Travel Information


I know Celine as very passionate about coaching and the results she sees with her clients. She also brings a great combination of structure, determination and openness which makes her an ideal speaking partner for individuals seeking to move to new frontiers.


Karine Baechle

Lead of Learning Solutions in Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte AG, Zurich Deloitte



Celine is a trustworthy and professional coaches. She has a very open attitude and build relationships and trust easily. Through different questioning techniques, she was able to make one look at things from a different perspective. I can highly recommend to get in touch with her, both from a personal and professional point of view.


Saba Imru

International Leadership Executive Coach, PCC




I found Céline to be an outstanding coaching professional with a dynamic, energetic and positively radiant personality. Céline masters an array of coaching tools and approaches with which to accompany her clients in their personal, career and business development. She is very empathic, able to create strong rapport and excels at motivating towards action and results. She has strong leadership skills and a solid background in business.

Claire Langree Saf

Business Transformation and Organisational Change Professional



I would say that Céline is a very trustworthy persons. She handles and listens to customer or partners' personal development opportunities with care, deep attention and emotional intelligence. Her energy to keep discussions positively focused and forward looking prompts development and ensure that her methods are used adequately. She has guided me to constructive and enriching personal developments.I warmly recommend working with her.