Céline Chatti

EtapeTransition Founder

Executive Coach for high Achievers & Family Business Expert


«I believe that Change begins with OURSELVES.

Self-Knowledge  and emotional intelligence are profound and powerful leverages for personal growth, professional efficiency and genuine inner alignement. » 

“I made my first professional steps among family-owned SMEs and international corporations, successively in the fields of sales, training, communication and marketing.
But instead of introducing a sound professional background, wouldn't you be  more interested in knowing who I really am and a bit of my story telling ?
“Elder of 3 children, mother of a 12 years old girl and married for 20 years to a man whose taste for ambition and perseverance I share, I am an intuitive and determined explorer in the pursuit of self-awareness and fulfilment.
The first steps in my adult life were hectic and desillusional with a lot of up and down. I didn't know it at that time but actually I was lucky. These painful challenges at an early stage of my life were on my path to reveal me an important learning :
The change I wanted had to happen first with myself. I could not keep blaming others without taking my part of responsibility. It was in my hands. I had to look at myself in the mirror.
To know OURSELVES is a powerful lever for professional performance, health, balance and well-being for ourselves and the people around us.
Based in Switzerland since 2008, I made the decision a few years later, to get fully involved in coaching by creating EtapeTransition.
Today, I support and stand by my clients at key stages of their life. Following external professional developments, recurring problems or an unexpected crisis, individually or collectively, they realise that something has to change starting from them. 
They define me sometimes as an “eye-opener” and sometimes as the “iron hand in a velvet glove”.
For my part, I see myself as the heir of a gift: to be able to accelerate the awareness and transitions for people who wish to understand and evolve. I combine an innate intuition regarding the path to take, a natural empathy and a direct style of communication in order to trigger the necessary click and take actions with confidence.

At last, in my private and professional life, I am driven by three core values that strongly motivate me: honesty, commitment and generosity.
Now i invite you to simply follow your intuition and find out how much my profil resonates with you. First step is to choose the right person to be on your side at this transition point where you stand now.
A free trial session will help you to find it you.



My coaching practice is supervised by Nathalie Ducrot, Master Coach ICF, Certified Supervisor, CSA Speaker.


My practice is mentored by Ian Macnaughton, Ph.D. FFI fellow founder of Transition Point Coaching in Vancouver, Canada. He has more than 35 years’ experience in the field and is an FIA-certified expert in family relationships, family enterprise and has experience in his own family business.