Intrapreneur in Corporate

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell


A team Manager in Corporate or a Business Unit Director acts like an intrapreneur. While remaining within a larger organization, he uses entrepreneurial skills to develop new products or line of business or manage a whole business unit. He is in charge of the business, of a team, has the ambition to carry important projects and come up with ambitious deas.


However, those intrapreneurs, even though on the top, feel quite often frustrated when they feel restrain as things usually don't go fast enough for them. They question themselves about :

  • How to deal with my frustration when it doesn’t go fast enough?
  • How to make my skills as a leader an asset for the company and to drive my career and projects successfully?
  • I would like to stimulate innovation and Change within the company : how to engage my team and my peers?
  • No one wants to take risks:  shall I stand for my ideas anyway?
  • Some decisions are hard to make and I feel sometimes alone. How to make the good one ?
  • Corporate world requires a lot of political games : How can I
    cope with that ?
  • I am challenged on my communication skills : what does it mean ? How can I perform on that topic ?
  • How to deal with toxic personalities ?
  • How to become a role model and spread the entrepreneurs mindset among my team ?

Being a intrapreneur is challenging since a lot of streams come into action in a company with quite often head-wind. From our experience, intrapreneurs usually know how to deal this context and to make their own way. However, they need to take time to cope with their frustrations, find a way to contain their energy and use it in an appropriate way. Indeed, often they are challenged on their softskills and the way they communicate with others.


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