Becoming an Entrepreneur

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ! " Laozi


Most often at the beginning, there is just a recurrent feeling that "something is missing".

 We know from experience, that as long as this feeling is not brought to the surface, the idea of "building something else" remains vague, far away and consequently difficult to make it concrete.


Here some examples of questions our clients usually deal with :

  • What do I really want to achieve in my life ?
  • What it is going to bring me that I don't have already ?
  • How important is this project for me ?
  • How does it look like more precisely ?
  • How do I imagine myself in the futur having chosen this path ?


In a second time, concerns regarding "insecurity" and fear of change obviously come up :

  • How I am going to survive financially speaking ?
  • Am I ready to abandon my current social status ?
  • How will I be able to set up and develop my business ?
  • It is really challenging, with no garantee of success : Am I really capable ?
  • What costs am I ready to pay for that dream ?


These questions are quite common for all of those who start thinking of becoming entrepreneurs. We have observed in several occasions that the process of reflection is extremely powerful and reassuring when guided and accompanied.


We see clear improvements and significative results when people allocate time to take a step back, reflect quietly on their plan and are asked "confronting useful questions" from which they cannot escape such as : "What are you trying to preserve by not making any decision?"


Session after session our clients gain more clarity, are more able to focus, to trust, to create and to start building a concrete and realistic plan.


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