Céline Chatti

Founder of Etapetransition  -  EXECUTIVE Certified Coach  -  Consultant  - Trainer

I started my career in international and small-medium companies as a trainer and marketing communication manager during over 15 years where I learned a lot about people interactions in global and systemic organizations.  Along the way, I have been working continuously to find the right path for me, the one that would give fullfillment and a complete personal alignement. When I started my training as a coach it became obvious to me that is was exactly the job that would fit my competencies and desires. I now feel being at the right place to bring all my strenght, honnesty and conviction to my individual and corporate clients.

I am also passionnate about the family as a system, into which kids are raised up and where the roots of self-esteem begin to grow...or not. The way adults look at their kids will impact the choices they will make in their futur.